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by Zarina Kaji

Rishikesh By Zarina Kaji, 2011 On the banks of mother Ganga I find A serenity that is so divine The river gentle and calm at times Rushing like an impatient seeker sometimes At the feet of Pujya Swamiji we learn The truth of ourselves, That is shrouded so well. Wake up wake up a voice […]

What is God I ask myself,

by Zarina Kaji

A dedication to my Gurus Zarina Kaji Saylorsburg, PA October 2010 What is God I ask myself, Could he be high up in the sky? Of course not, I chide myself, For who then answers to all my “Whys”? So what is God, I ask myself. A mother’s touch, a gentle breeze A sunset and […]

The Truth

by Zarina Kaji

The Truth By Zarina Kaji The truth I find in all that I see The oneness through all reality The thread that strings the pearls of life Like gold that pervades every ornament type The truth of all is to be understood and known As no different today than through the ages untold When both […]

The glory that is Ishwara

by Zarina Kaji

The glory that is Ishwara By Zarina Kaji The rise and fall of the ocean and waves The Sun, the orb of life sustaining rays Who can doubt the genius of our Creator When the glory of his universe can be no clearer? The revolving galaxies in space abound With innumerable stars, impossible to count […]

Let love lead the way, let love lead the way

by Zarina Kaji

Let love lead the way, let love lead the way By Zarina Kaji April 2011 To walk a path in another man’s shoes To understand another person’s woes To lend a helping hand and ear To listen with compassion even as he sheds a tear That is love that is love that is love all […]

Inspired by Swami TV’s lectures on Chandogya Upanishad

by Zarina Kaji

Inspired by Swami TV’s lectures on Chandogya Upanishad By Zarina Kaji March 2010 Who am I that wakes each morn, To greet the sun as it rises at dawn? Am I the Sun, which rises each day Warming the earth, making the rain Feeding the beings, from the Earth making grain. I am the light […]


by Zarina Kaji

I Am By Zarina Kaji There is no depth to me, no length or size The shape and form have long met their demise The boundaries melt, nothing to defend There is no foe, only friends that depend That I am, the pure, the untainted, the One That pervades all that has nothing to be […]

Hey ! Mind….. by Chandra Reddy, Indianapolis

by Rajesh Paripatyadar

Hey ! Mind…… Do Your Meditation Remember,You are the Consciousness,the Absolute SELF, Be conscious of “That” constantly consulting yourself O mind ! Don’t forget you are only It’s reflection, Acting and reacting in the rays of SELF affection. Knowing that Truth,why you get any agitation, Playing and praying,just do your meditation. Your body is made […]

VEDANTIC “GPS” by Chandra Reddy, Indianapolis

by Rajesh Paripatyadar

VEDANTIC “GPS”   “I” have a beautiful and timeless car named “JIVATMA”, Operates with the help of Super spirit called “PARAMATMA”. It has a high quality ancient GPS on the dash board, A triple push button GODJET to guide me on my chosen road. Understand, GPS stands for God Power Satellite, GITA, PARAMATMA, SATSANGA Triplet to […]

The Self Speaks

by Sriram Reddy

Another new Vedantic poem composed by Jayaram, an ardent Vedanta student of Arsha Vidya. The Self Speaks If your Self could speak You would hear it say, “Why search for Me, In mind as Object? Verily I am the Subject, Of all Object Experiences, I am the Presence in all thoughts The Presence in meditation’s […]