By Zarina Kaji, 2011

On the banks of mother Ganga I find
A serenity that is so divine
The river gentle and calm at times
Rushing like an impatient seeker sometimes

At the feet of Pujya Swamiji we learn
The truth of ourselves,
That is shrouded so well.
Wake up wake up a voice calls out
In ignorant slumber you are without a doubt
He wields the words of the pramana so well
With compassion and a sense of humor as well

All that is here is Brahman he teaches
With joy and compassion our hearts he reaches.
We bow to you with humility and gratitude
Please bless us with your guru krupa
So that we cultivate the right attitude
To inquire with fearlessness and fortitude

The stillness of my mind urges me to be
In the midst of living a life and being just me
I am the one, the whole, the all
You are the one, the whole, the all
All is the one, the whole, the all
How can there be any limitation at all?

When love is the only expression in the heart,
There is no fear of being alone or apart
There is only joy, of Being, of One
As the eyes see the beauty of the One in all
There is nothing to gain and nothing to loose
How can there be when all is me?