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Swami Vidtatmananda 2019 Retreat Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Kathopanishad Retreat 2019 HariH Om Swamiji, HariH Om dear friends. My salutations to all our gurus from Lord Dakshinamutyhi, to AdiGuru Shanksracharya to Pujya Swamiji and you our dearest Swamiji. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love for your tireless teaching, your clarity and your compassion.You, as our guru, light the lamp of Self […]

Swami Vidtatmananda 2019 Talks Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Namaste Swamiji and guru bandhus, We began this series on the Chapter 17 with the analysis of the disposition of the mind with the gunas of satva rajas and tamas. This mind can be our friend or our enemy, an obstacle to our natural state of happiness. May we understand that I am the cause of […]