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Self Inquiry – Swami TV, 2020 – Article

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Swami Tattvavidananda Websites and Collateral Texts

AVG Satsang

 The 2020 the 9 week Retreat was on Kathopanisad Part 2, purchase at new AVG media site

Insightful Poem of Love for children for mothers

Swami Tattvavidananda Audio Talks

Vijayadashami Celebrations, DEVI MAHATMYAM ~ Talk by Swami Tattvavidanandaji

Ashtavakra Gita Selected Verses, Download       Ashtavakra-Samhita full 1st Edition PDF.

Panchadasi chp7 -V133 verses

Talks in AVC Bay Area Nov 2019

Astavakra Gita, AVC Audio Playlist

Various Morning Talks Audio Playlist, at AVC


Talks in Phoenix Oct 2019


Om Purnamadaha Audio Playlist

BG Ch 18 Verses 50-55_Devanagiri:    BG Ch 18 Verses 50-55_English:

BG Ch 18 Audio Playlist

Talks in Pittsburg Sept 2019

Ashtavakra-Samhita full 1st Edition PDF. 

AG 3rd edition book from Amazon Link

Ashtavakra Verses covered in discources in Fall 2019.

Ashtavakra Gita Audio Playlist 2019

Ashtavakra Samhita

  1. 1 Muktimicchasi Swami Tattvavidananda 1:25:24
  2. 2 Na_Pruthvii Swami Tattvavidananda 1:09:24
  3. 3 Yadi_Deham Swami Tattvavidananda 47:32
  4. 4 Na_Tvam_Vipraadiko Swami Tattvavidananda 1:30:11
  5. 5 Dharmaadharmau Swami Tattvavidananda 1:09:18
  6. 6 Eko_Drastaasi Swami Tattvavidananda 39:59
  7. 7 Aham_Karta Swami Tattvavidananda 45:53

Vedanta Dindimah

Verses and translation by Swami Tattvavidananda in PDF document

Vedanta-Dindima_Sw TV – PDF

Click link below to access Vedanta Dindimah Full series of 94 audio mp3 talks.

Vedanta Dindimah Lecture series -Play list

Previous talks from 2010-2013

Year Swami Retreat Public *(morning) Other Meditation Satsang
2008 TV Vedanta Dindima Meditation
2008 TV Sthitha Prajna Gita 2 (or11)?
2010 TV Vedanta Dindima Bhakta Hanuman
2010 TV Vedanta Dindima Dhyana Yoga
2011 TV Vedanta Dindima Vivekacudamani
2013 TV Vedanta Dindima Dakshinamurti Stotra


Swami Tattvavidananda Video Talks

Swami TV talks on Vakya Vritti online .

Recordings of Rudram talks on Youtube playlist

Talks in the Bay area AVC BayArea Youtube channel

TELEGU Vivekachudamani  ‘Brahmavidyakuteer’ YouTube channel.

Talks at AVC in SFBay Area Nov 2019,
Ashtavakra Verses

Talks at AVC in SFBay Area Nov 2019.
Panchdasi chp7 -V133 verses

Talks in Phoenix, Nov 2019, Thank you.
Kham Brahma 2nd mantra - Mantra5-1

Talks in Phoenix, Oct 2019, Thank you.
Purnamada Text with Bhasya

Talks in Pittsburg, Sept 2019, Thank you.

Ashtavakra Verses

Rare Interview with Swami TV by college student

Swami  Tattvavidananda Picture Gallery

Swami Tattvavidananda Biography

Swami Tattvavidananda is a rare scholar in both secular and Vedic studies, like Vidyararnya (author of Panchadashi) of the 14th century. He was initially taught by his father, a well-known scholar, and later in a traditional pathashala. He excelled in his Vedic studies and at the age of 11 was encouraged to begin modern academic studies. A brilliant student, he earned a Ph.D in Chemistry, and enjoyed a successful scientific career.
Swamiji continued his connection to his Vedic roots, and later, presented his thoughts on the Vedas as a formal Ph.D. dissertation. This won him a Gold Medal and a second doctorate, this time in Sanskrit. Swami Tattvavidanandaji considers his search for understanding Vedanta ended only when he finally listened to Pujya Swami Dayanandaji, who also granted him sannyasa.

Since then he spends about half his time conducting classes at his center in Secunderabad, AP, and the other half at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Saylorsburg Pennsylvania. Swamiji is also a prolific writer of books in both English and Telugu. He translated Pujya Swami Dayanadaji's Bhagavad Gita home study program into Telugu, and more recently completed translating, with commentary, Sri Bhagavatam in Telugu.

With his rich scholarship, his cheerful, down-to-earth manner, and his eagerness to share, Swami Tattvavidananda is a highly appreciated, and a beloved teacher everywhere he visits.

Annual Visits: Swami Viditatmanandaji and Swami Tattvavidanandaji visit the Bay each year in late June and early August respectively. The visits consist of guided meditation, morning and evening lectures on Vedanta, Gita, Bhagavatam, Ramayana, satsang with questions/answers and a two or three day retreat and workshop. Tradition holds that Lord Siva in the form of Dakshinamurti was the first teacher of Vedanta. He imparted Self-Knowledge to the four rishis seated at his feet, initiating an oral tradition which has been passed down to us through the centuries. It is indeed a great blessing to have teachers and mahatamas like Swamiji visit us each year and continue this great teaching tradition. For this we are honoured, grateful and very thankful.
We have established a tradition of gurudakshina for Swami Tattvavidanandaji's teachings of Vedanta Dindima in the morning classes in the form of support for Swamiji's book publishing in India. We are gratified to see a large number of Vedantic books by Swamiji in English, Telugu and Sanskrit. We, as students of the morning class, have resolved to provide support to Swamiji's book publishing effort, either to defray the complete cost of publishing new books, or at least to subsidize the cost so that book prices are affordable, particularly by the public in India. So far a single donation of Rs 50,000 was made to subsidize Prarthana Satpadi, and $2,600 was sent to publish a book in Telugu called Bhagavata Saptaham.

Once again, we invite all students, particularly attendees of Swamiji's morning classes to give gurudakshina. Please be advised that this donation will only be meant for Swamiji's book work in India, and so will not qualify for tax-deduction in the U.S. At the same time, funds in rupees in India could be utilized as part of the 'Swami Tattvavidananda Book Fund'. For questions, please contact Sri Vijay Kapoor at May the blessings of Lord Dakshinamurti be on all who listen to Swami Tattvavidanandaji, especially the morning classes.