Our Vision:

To transform society through a movement of caring for the remote and poor children of India

Our Mission:

To take complete care of the children’s educational and healthcare needs through Free Student Homes.

AIM for Seva Bay Area Appeal

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Danam – Giving is twice blessed, it blesses the one who gives and the one who receives

-Swami Dayananda Saraswati

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All India Movement for Seva (AIM-S) has a mission to transform society by caring for the remote and poor children of India by taking complete care of the educational and healthcare needs of underserved children. This is a unique movement, unique in its scope and vast in its scale. We are not aware of institutions that take complete responsibility for families in remote areas of India by providing their children with shelter, schooling, healthcare and value based education for a sustained period. Your donations truly transform young lives, and in turn their families, villages and the society at large. Thus our motto: Sponsor a child. Transform a life. Take the child to the finish line.

Since its inception, AIM-S has raised funds through your generous contributions and is helping 3,500 students across 16 states in India. It is noteworthy that the graduation rate of these children in public board exams is 95%; A phenomenal achievement, thanks to the efforts of the children and the environment created by the caregivers! AIM-S has been awarded the Platinum Certificate by Guidestar India among 5,000 similar charitable organizations.We are particularly thankful to donors from the Bay Area for your generous support and trust in us, making us the #1 center for raising funds in the world. Last year, we funded over 250 students in 7 centers for the full year. In addition, we have sponsored new Free Student Homes (FSHs).

May I please ask you for your contribution to this well-defined, well-deserving, and well-run program. You have the option of designating your funds to 1) Build a brand new FSH, perhaps in the honor or memory of loved ones, 2) Sponsor a child in one of the 7 FSHs adopted by the Bay Area or 3) Sponsor children in any designated FSH of your choice.

San Francisco Bay Area Chapter supports the following Free Student Homes (FSH).

1. FSH in the Sheikpura district, Bihar.
2. FSH in Bagepally, Karnataka.
3. Computer center for training girls in Karnaprayag, Uttarkhand.
4. FSH in Dharmapuri, Tamil Nadu.
5. FSH in Nandyal, Andhra Pradesh.
6. FSH in Peddapadu, Andhra Pradesh.
7. Construction of two rooms in a new English medium school in Manjakudi, Tamil Nadu.
8. New eye care wing in the Shamlaji hospital near Ahmedabad, Gujarat.

See these sites for pictures and more info  FSHs adopted by Bay Area

 Shankar Mahadevan Concert to aid AIM for Seva Cause.

See Event Page for more details and to purchase tickets.

Krishna Sabrang is a celebration of all forms of Krishna, worshiped across cultures all over world. It is splendid mix of different genres of music like Carnatic, Marathi, North Indian, Western to name a few, which soothes the soul of the listener. This is a show that enthralls the audience with its purity, divinity, and visuals. It is truly a celebration of the deity- Krishna!

Performed in a traditional manner, this show also surprises the audience with Rock and Jazz music. Shankar Mahadevan is not just a name, but an institution in itself. Known for his melodic and soulful voice and award winning compositions, he is someone who is beyond comparison. With a mammoth of fan base, this music magnet is a crowd pleaser. His live acts are not just soul-stirring, but moving and heart touching.

Starting with the Voice God – Shankar Mahadevan, the show also features Siddarth Mahadevan performing the rock version and Shivram Mahadevan performing the bal Krishna songs.