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Saturday and Tuesday classes are livestreamed online at AVC BayArea Youtube channel.   

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Comprehensive online course of Vedanta Mandukya Karika. 

Sat 8.30-10.00 am, and Tue 8.30-10.00 am Mandukya Upanisad with Karika.
Class  Videos, Class  Texts, Class Transcripts,  Swami A PDFs
Register by sending email to (give your background)

First, Mandukya itself is considered to be an advanced Upanisad. It starts by stating OM, the unique name of Isvara, as the essence of the entire experience of everyone at all times. It goes on to explain this in merely 12 mantras. Even so, this remains merely a promise, not yet a reality for students. The Karika is a great step in fulfilling that promise.

Here is how you can attend the live class:  
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​​Guru Dakshina for Vijayji’s classes can be given here
Guru Dakshina Alternatively: use Zelle to transfer money by email to “”

Sanskrit Classes and Resources
Knowing sanskrit is beneficial in deeper understanding, assimilating and remembering  of Vedanta teachings.  There are several resources for learning.
Kumud Singhal has taught Sanskrit in the local Bay Area for several years. See this page for the extensive details, about learning the language, and various resources  available. She has published some excellent and enjoyable books.

Self Study Satsang Groups
Participating in self study satsang groups is a good way to  stay immersed in the Vedanta language.  Groups can be formed per your experiences or locations.
a) Swami Parmarthatnanda has suggested a sylable of classes to study in a particular order  See this chart.  The PDFs of the Upanisads are located here.
You may download an Android App called “Sastraprakasika” and purchase the digital audios, either for self study or group study.
b) Contact Kumar Padmini to enquire about joining a BGita study group.

Children’s Classes and Resources
a) AVBG is offering children’s classes at 8 levels, Register Now
The Arsha Vidya Bala-gurukulam (AVBG) Vedic Heritage program  is greatly appreciated by all. The program attracted hundreds of students from far and wide, all of whom graduated under the guidance of highly dedicated and experienced teachers. The link is  Registration is required by August 15th to avoid disappointment
There are eight levels for children between 6th and 17th years. You or your friends with children in this age group can benefit from this opportunity if they are interested in the Vedic Heritage program.
From: Suddhatma Chaitanya and the BalaGurukulam Team

b) Kumud Singhal has taught children on Hinduism, Culture and Tradition for several years. See this page for extensive details. She has published  several very popular, colorful and enjoyable books (available on Amazon) on Hindu Culture and learning Hindi for children.  These are highly recommended.

Sri Svatmavidyananda Swaminiji visited Bay Area (Sunday July 7th)
Pramana Vichara, Overcoming Inhibitive Factors to Assimilation of Self Knowledge
Youtube playlist
Pramana Vichara means an enquiry into the methodologies through which atma-jnanam or self knowledge is conveyed. In this two part series we will examine the various pedagogical tools used by the Upanishads to convey that which is both obvious and yet obfuscated in our understanding.
We will also take up salient stories from the Upanishads and their significance in negating self ignorance. Finally we will understand why it is important to approach self knowledge with reverence and devotion. Swaminiji will conclude the talk series with practical tips to assimilate self knowledge.

Swami Muktatmananda visiting Bay Area (June 28-30th, Fri-Sunday)
Topic: Discovering Fearlessness
Review the Video Playlist
Fear is a word that indicates everything that you are afraid of: unhappiness, separation, loneliness, isolation, fear of being nobody, lack of future, death and void. If you deal with fear, you are dealing with everything.
In the Vedas, which are the most ancient scriptures that humanity has, there is a clear statement: “It is a second thing that causes fear (Br. Up. 1.4.2).” The Veda has to come through a teacher. Swamiji will discuss why there is no room for fear in these sessions.
Swami Muktatmananda is a disciple of Pujya Swami Dayananda and Swami Viditatmananda. Swamiji leads retreats and regular classes on the Gita, Upanishads, and Brahmasutras at Tattvathirth Ashram, Ahmedabad. In addition to participating in this year’s Vedanta programs at AVG, Swamiji is also teaching ongoing weekend classes on Bhagavad Gita and engaging in community outreach. Swamiji wears his depth of scholarship with great lightness, delivering the teachings with clarity and ease.

Retreat at the Saylorsburg ashram (June 1-8) was great success
Topic: Kaivalya Upanisad – complete in 18 classes
The Retreat was a wonderful success with 25-30 people present in the class and more online. See class videos here. Write to with any comments and join the whatsapp group.

Guru Dakshina Alternatively: use Zelle to transfer money by email to “”
Join our AVC Satsang group with this invite link . We will use Polls and Surveys to accommodate your needs.

AIM for Seva – Fulfilling and Beneficial Seva opportunities for AVC students
Transforming Rural India, One Child at a Time
Danam – Giving is twice blessed, it blesses the one who gives and the one who receives 
Be a Contributor not just a Consumer. 
Learn all about the great contributions and positive  change affected by our local  efforts.
Be a part of the Seva Movement and donate , select  “FSHs sponsored by Bay Area”.
See this wonderful short  video clip.
Volunteer in our local activities, send email to with your interests. Several programs are underway throughout the year.

AVG Arsha Vidya Gurukulam  newsletters and online Talks

See AVG/AVP USA links as below for classes in English:
Schedule of eventsLive broadcast and archived courses link Course audio recordings can be purchased at this new AVP media site,
Digital book store   Arshavidya India newsletters

Arsha Vidya Swamis followed by Bay Area students

Pujya Swami Dayananda
See page for more about Pujya Swamiji, founder of Arsha Vidya and AIM for Seva organizations, and his Audio / Video recordings

Why Study Vedanta 

Swami Viditatmananda

See page for more info and Audio / Video recordings
Tribute by Vijay Kapoorji: Swami Viditatmananda as Mahatma
Swamiji’s Video Talks

Swami Tattvavidananda

See page for more info and Audio / Video recordings
Youtube channel for Videos Talks 
Atma bodha talks Nov 2022

Swami Paramarthananda

See page for more info and Audio / Video recordings.
Also page
for ongoing audio talks on new classes
Get Android App  “sastraprakasika”

Swamini  Svatmavidyananda

See page for more info and Audio / Video recordings. 
Youtube channel  Playlists 
Living Vedanta Talk on Nov 27th, 2022 in Hayward
Sad Darshanam Video Playlist (Bay Area 2024),  Text 
Sad Darshanam on all verses (2023)
Adhyatma Ramayana Playlist
Minding the Mind video,   Text

Swami Paramatmananda

Virtual online talks via Whatsapp groups
Swami Sachidananda

Ashtavakra Gita Ch 12 V1-8 completed. Playlist

Chanting and mantras

Ten Important Shanti Mantras from Upanishads

Other important Vedanta mantras  Here
Shiva Rudram Sri-Rudram-Text-Anuvakam-1-11-devanagari-transliteration-translation

Nirvana Shatkam chant with lyrics watch on youtube  Link
Audio chant Listen here  & Lyrics