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Hey ! Mind….. by Chandra Reddy, Indianapolis

by Rajesh Paripatyadar

Hey ! Mind…… Do Your Meditation Remember,You are the Consciousness,the Absolute SELF, Be conscious of “That” constantly consulting yourself O mind ! Don’t forget you are only It’s reflection, Acting and reacting in the rays of SELF affection. Knowing that Truth,why you get any agitation, Playing and praying,just do your meditation. Your body is made […]

VEDANTIC “GPS” by Chandra Reddy, Indianapolis

by Rajesh Paripatyadar

VEDANTIC “GPS”   “I” have a beautiful and timeless car named “JIVATMA”, Operates with the help of Super spirit called “PARAMATMA”. It has a high quality ancient GPS on the dash board, A triple push button GODJET to guide me on my chosen road. Understand, GPS stands for God Power Satellite, GITA, PARAMATMA, SATSANGA Triplet to […]

Welcome to AVC

by Rajesh Paripatyadar

Welcome to AVC Questions and comments section. Feel free to post Vedanta related questions or comments/request about general organisational topics, by clicking on the “comments” icon.