Hey ! Mind…… Do Your Meditation

Remember,You are the Consciousness,the Absolute SELF,
Be conscious of “That” constantly consulting yourself
O mind ! Don’t forget you are only It’s reflection,
Acting and reacting in the rays of SELF affection.

Knowing that Truth,why you get any agitation,
Playing and praying,just do your meditation.
Your body is made up of five elemental communion,
Organizing and performing duties with a great union

Please be at ease,with sthira sukha asana
Taking two deep breaths,discarding any vasana
Hands in your lap,your feet firm on the elemental EARTH,
Just relax your body,without looking for any upper or lower berth.

Be aware of your lower abdomen is of major elemental WATER,
Reproducing and discarding the contents with a measuring meter.
Your upper abdomen containing Udara and Hridayangi,
Constantly churning and burning the food with elemental AGNI.

Then,notice your big chest holding two large lungs,
Breathing the VAYU and flying like a bird with two wings.
Please notice the SPACE in your head and neck location,
Throat,mouth,nose and sinus sounds like a song on vacation.

Hey Mind ! now  see the Adhitya shining through eyes sockets,
Showing you the path to Moksha through higher orbits.
Be it Karma,bhakti or Raja upasana to only sense gratification,
Only the Jnana upasana leads to SELF realization.