I Am

By Zarina Kaji

There is no depth to me, no length or size
The shape and form have long met their demise
The boundaries melt, nothing to defend
There is no foe, only friends that depend
That I am, the pure, the untainted, the One
That pervades all that has nothing to be done
To be and lend being to all that exists
Without the consciousness how can anything exist?
That reality of the self I am and know,
The unending truth of all that is seen and shown
I am the hearer of the heard
I am the hand that lifts and serves
I am the seer of the sight
I am the strength of the one with might
I am thinker of the thoughts
I am the seeker and the sought
I am every grain of sand upon the shore
I am the mighty galaxy of yonder and more
I am love, I am courage and kindness too
I see the Truth, the indivisible, through the duality
I am the One that is manifest as many
To know me, the Atman, is to know your Reality