Respected Swamiji, shri Vijayji and fellow students,
Swami Parmatmanandaji does not need any special introduction , after wonderful week we have spent.
I hear all the time that we may have collected lots of punya to be here together to come to vedanta. After listening to your week long upadesha and Atmavicara I do believe, we are .
I and my fellow student bandhus are extremely blessed listen to you.Your depth of vedant sastra knowledge and clarity is Marveleous. Your sahaj and simple impromptu jokes brings humor but conveyed a very precise and clear message to all of us. On behalf of Arsh Vidya Centre and from all of us we owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done to teach us your wisdom of self knowledge.
Swamiji, I feel very blessed to work with you and feeling your abundance energy to work in AVC/ to arrange this type of discourses and retreat. I know with your many many big projects and Hindu Acharya sabha work you have very busy schedule. In spite of your work, you had agreed to come here and teach us the Self knowledge. I and entire AVC is seeking your blessings that we make progress in our daily life and keep working on Shravanam, Mananam and Nidhidhyasanam.
Our commitment should be constantly thinking of making contribution to the society and be aware of situations, people analyze every experience , learn and grow in our emotional maturity .
Your example of Ishta-purta Karma with nishkama bhava, and Ishwara Arpan buddhi is so important, hope after listening to you we can make progress. With your permission I would like to remind each of us your quotes ; 1) “experiences can not make you wiser but learning from that is wise “
  1. “speech should be your finish product not raw material” are so true.
  2. When your expectations does not meet , then make a box bigger.
I seek blessings from you that I can bring in my life a prayerful mind, tadatmya bhava and make cognitive change.
We are very fortunate that we have Shri Vijay Kapoorji who dedicated his time teaching 3 classes a year for number of years. We can not thank him or express my feelings with any kind of words. All I can say to all of us to make time to learn from live teacher like Vijayji and attend all visiting Acharyas to grow in our spiritual path. There is no better value then learning live from teachers.
Again Thank you swamiji for your time and your wisdom that you have shared with us.
Chaula Joshi