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Swami Vidtatmananda 2018 Retreat Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Thank you Swamiji for this retreat where we can immerse ourselves at your feet and listen to the precious words that you speak. Our only wish is that it was longer. I know I speak on behalf of every shishya in this room. With your kindness, clarity and humor, you have expounded on the Kathopanishad with […]

Swami Vidtatmananda 2018 Talks Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

HariH Om.Thank you Swamiji for 4 days of exposition on the Daivi and asuri tendencies that reside in each of our minds ,  as though in the battlefield of Kurukshetra., between Dharma and Adharma. As human beings, we have to gain the emotional maturity to claim the Daivi virtues which are our  intrinsic nature and […]