Pranaams Swami Paramatmanandaji, our guru shri Vijay Kapoorji and fellow mumukshu,

I speak on behalf of everyone here , how grateful we are to be learning at your lotus  feet  Swamjji  and become immersed in the nectar of atma gyanam with the continuing unfoldment of the drk drshya Viveka Prakarna Grantha at this retreat over the weekend.

Your skill in the unfoldment of the sutra, explaining each word and its lakshay artha, with easy to understand examples, keeps our attention and clarifies our understanding.

Your humor, your ability to explain a concept over and over till we have understood it speaks volumes to the parampara of this precious teaching.

Your quick wit and the ability to tie in the jokes and examples to the topic at hand keeps us engaged.

In meditation, you urged us to make “ an appointment with ourselves.”

To see the self as the drk, the consciousness, the unlimited awareness that is all pervading and see that the body mind sense complex and the jagat are limited. 

You explained how  consciousness as though enters the antahkaranam, enlivening it, and creating the aham and idam vrittis in the mind., that further enlivens the sthula sarira. This as though manifestation of consciousness, with avarna and vikshepa wraps us in the web of maya with a false identification of the unlimited Self with the limited body mind sense complex., 

You taught us to appreciate Ishwara as the intelligent cause of the universe who along with the Maya Shakti, prakruti,  is also  the material cause of creation.

The dual powers of Maya, the vikshepa or projecting power projects the manifestation of Brahman as the jagat with names and forms, and the avarna shakti of Maya., deludes us into thinking  that we are limited beings,, in spite of our truth being unlimited.

How then are we to recognize our Truth? By removing the veil of ignorance through knowledge by removing the avarna shakti  through Viveka and continue to appreciate the  manifestation of the Jagat as Ishwara’s vikshepa Shakti.

Some of us here are indeed blessed to be the shishya of our devoted guruji Shree Vijay Kapoorji who blesses  us with his devotion and patience.

Swamjji I pray that we remain worthy of your teaching and with your blessings continue the learning and assimilation of this precious knowledge. You are a mahatma and we  look forward to welcoming you here year after year to bless us with your wisdom.

 I would like to invite Shree Vijay Kapoor ji to say a few words.

HariH Om

Zarina Kaji