Inspired by Swami TV’s lectures on Chandogya Upanishad
By Zarina Kaji March 2010

Who am I that wakes each morn,
To greet the sun as it rises at dawn?
Am I the Sun, which rises each day
Warming the earth, making the rain
Feeding the beings, from the Earth making grain.
I am the light of the Sun that shines,
Reflecting its glory in all kinds of waters
Shining in the minds of all who can think
With intelligence and compassion, such a powerful link.
I am the ocean, full, unchanging and still
Matters not if rivers flow in or a storm spills.
When the light of Awareness, reflects in all its glory
In every droplet of water, each with its own story
The waves seem to rise and fall, in unending tide
Making the ocean no greater nor changing its size.
Then the fullness of “I am” the Ananda of all that is
Complete and glorious, melts my heart strings
A song of quiet and stillness, with freedom and joy I sing.
Nothing more needed, I merge into the glory of OM
Like each wave making it back to the source of us all.