“I” have a beautiful and timeless car named “JIVATMA”,
Operates with the help of Super spirit called “PARAMATMA”.
It has a high quality ancient GPS on the dash board,
A triple push button GODJET to guide me on my chosen road.

Understand, GPS stands for God Power Satellite,
GITA, PARAMATMA, SATSANGA Triplet to show me the LIGHT.
Pancha  Karma Jnana indriyas  are my might and sights.
To undertake a life journey to take me to the greater heights.

“I” am a Dhira, driving on the path of “Sreyas”,
Without Fanatic or fatalism, discarding the Manda “Preyas”.
Always thinking wisely , with a strong determination,
With Shravana, Manana, Nidhidhyasana to my destination.

Facing and passing the most powerful lust, anger and the greed,
Focused on Asanga, Abhaya, Ahimsa, Ananda for my need .
“Nachiketha Fire” in Heart for ever in my utilization,
In transcending MAHA MAYA for my final Self-realization.