Thank you Swamij for your profound exposition talks on Purushotama Yoga, the 15 th chapter of the BG, in 2017.  It is hard to believe we are already at the end of our series this year.  You have patiently explained to us the true nature of ourselves as Sat- Chit- Ananda , With your clear explanation and logic, you have urged us to see that we cannot be anything other than Satyam , Gyanam, Anantam Brahma.  As the masterful Guru you are you have shone the light on the  path of Truth for us to see our reality as being independent of the jagat, in fact being the very Truth and the unchanging cause of the jagat.

May we learn to detach ourselves from the delusions of me and mine and have the courage to mature emotionally and in the process gain the relative freedom and happiness, which will lead us to absolute freedom and happiness. May we see the dvandvas, the pairs of opposite that present themselves before us as Mithya, and see the underlying reality of Truth as myself, which is none other than the ultimate Truth, or Consciousness. May we begin to understand the truth of the world as the one reality as I AM., the limitless PurushottamaH. May we appreciate ourselves as being in Ishwara’s guest house, where He provides us with everything we need as the order of the Universe, as the infinite wisdom in everything.  Although this may appear as a tall order, I pray that with your guru krupa and Atma Krupa, we begin to see the light of Ishwara as the very truth about ourselves.

HariH om

Zarina Kaji