Thank you Swamiji for this retreat in June 2017, where we can immerse ourselves at your feet and listen to the precious words that you speak. Our only wish is that it was longer.  I know I speak on behalf of every shishya in this room. With your kindness, clarity and humor, you have expounded on the Kathopanishad with the story of Nachiketas, which inspires us to see the Truth about ourselves as Sat Chit Anantam Brahma.

May we discover the fullness and happiness that is our true nature and not be reluctant of embracing our reality as the manifestation of total freedom and happiness. May your krupa bless us with a receiving mind and not a resisting mind. You showed us the importance of paying off our obligations to our ancestors and to society who have all contributed to our growth. May we learn to Learn to develop such an attitude of gratitude. May we grow to become contributors and not consumers of society. May we all strive to bring out the Nachiketas within all of us; with an intense longing for the truth, may we be alert at all times, choose the shreyas over the preyas, without any compromises or excuses.  May we strive to become an uttam adhikari like nachiketas , cutting asunder the ashwathama tree of samsara with the three vs of  vicara, viveka and vairagya. May we understand the futility of acquiring and protecting and give it up lock stock and barrel.

May the desire of all desires, to be free, full and complete, become the only desire in our mind and may we have the courage and fortitude to recognize that. May we see the inderlying consciousness as the very sunstratum of myself in all four states of existence , waking, dream, deep sleep and turiam. May we be aware that our truth, the Atma is like the Sun that can be covered by the clouds of ignorance but continues to shine brightly once they move on. May we have the maturity to understand the Vedic equation of B=A, but A is not = B. May the mithyatvam of the creation not delude us from our reality, which is based in Satyam alone. May we understand that there is no birth or death for the Atma whose nature is Self-evident and Self illuminating and Anantam. May we gain the emotional maturity to see the events in the creation as merely that and not allow them to affect the peace that is my nature. Swamiji, you are a guru who with your humility bless us with your knowledge and clarity.  May we be so blessed to learn at your lotus feet year after year.

Harih om

Zarina Kaji