Another new Vedantic poem composed by Jayaram, an ardent Vedanta student of Arsha Vidya.

The Self Speaks

If your Self could speak

You would hear it say,

“Why search for Me,

In mind as Object?

Verily I am the Subject,

Of all Object Experiences,

I am the Presence in all thoughts

The Presence in meditation’s chant

And, in silence between the chants.

On these as Ever Shining Self I shine,

Un-displaced by thought or chant or silence,

Know that I am Ever Present.

In string of thoughts, like that behind

In pearl necklace, unseen I am,

But like the string behind

The common thread, in train of thoughts I am.

Verily, I am the Vedantin’s SAT

Ever Existing SAT,

The SAT that lends you Existence

And the SAT you see of in all of Existence.”

“As Conscious Awareness of your thoughts,

I do not in them participate,

Nor do I in judgement sit,

For I know not good nor I know bad,

I simply illumine all thoughts,

As humble, permitting Witness.

Verily, I am the Vedantin’s CIT,

All pervading Consciousness,

CIT of all Existence.”

“As Ever Existing SAT,

And All pervading CIT,

I am also Absolute Fullness,

I harbour no wants or needs,

Of human unhappiness, the seeds.

“My Fullness, Vedantin’s call Ananda

Others say Happiness or bliss.

No matter these words and definitions,

Inadequate they are my nature to describe


Of the Vedantin’s Brahman

The One and Only Reality

Behind all Apparent Reality.”

“Delude not Oh Man: you’re neither Body,

Mind nor Intellect,

Insentient they are, their sentience,

From Me you draw,

Delude not Oh Man: the ‘I’ you think you are,

In all Experience,

Is also thought, by Me illumined,

Unreal as though Real,

From Me they arise; unto Me they resolve.”

Verily the Vedantin says:

“Oh Man, Know this Truth,

Ignorance of Me the cause,

Of all your worldly ills.”

Know that “That You Are.”

Ask not for proof any more,

That You Are,

Tat Tvam Asi.

Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti.