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Swami Vidtatmananda 2019 Retreat Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Kathopanishad Retreat 2019 HariH Om Swamiji, HariH Om dear friends. My salutations to all our gurus from Lord Dakshinamutyhi, to AdiGuru Shanksracharya to Pujya Swamiji and you our dearest Swamiji. Our hearts are filled with gratitude and love for your tireless teaching, your clarity and your compassion.You, as our guru, light the lamp of Self […]

Swami Vidtatmananda 2019 Talks Gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Namaste Swamiji and guru bandhus, We began this series on the Chapter 17 with the analysis of the disposition of the mind with the gunas of satva rajas and tamas. This mind can be our friend or our enemy, an obstacle to our natural state of happiness. May we understand that I am the cause of […]

Swami Paramatmananda Retreat, June 2019

by Zarina Kaji

Pranaams Swami Paramatmanandaji, our guru shri Vijay Kapoorji and fellow mumukshu, I speak on behalf of everyone here , how grateful we are to be learning at your lotus  feet  Swamjji  and become immersed in the nectar of atma gyanam with the continuing unfoldment of the drk drshya Viveka Prakarna Grantha at this retreat over the weekend. Your skill […]

Swami Paramatmananda Talks, June 2019

by Chaula Joshi

Respected Swamiji, shri Vijayji and fellow students, Swami Parmatmanandaji does not need any special introduction , after wonderful week we have spent. I hear all the time that we may have collected lots of punya to be here together to come to vedanta. After listening to your week long upadesha and Atmavicara I do believe, […]

Swamini Svatmavidyanandaji Jan 2019 visit gratitude

by Zarina Kaji

Closing remarks at Adhyasa Bashya Retreat, Jan 2019, by Zarina Kaji HariH om Swaminiji Harih om everyone. Our short yet very enjoyable time with you Swamini is coming to an end and I speak on behalf of everyone here ,that it has indeed been a weekend of gaining many insights into the teachings of Vedanta. Swamini […]

Swamini Svatmavidyananda Talks, Jan 2019

by Chaula Joshi

Closing remarks at Vedanta Dindimah Talks, Jan 2019, by Chaula Joshi Respected Swaminiji, Shri Vijayji and all fellow students, my name is Chaula Joshi and I have been a student of Vedanta from a Arsh Vidya gurukulam parmpara, learning Vedanta for a number of years, participating in the regular classes with Shri Vijay Kapoorji. Swamini Svatmavidyanandaji […]