Closing remarks at Vedanta Dindimah Talks, Jan 2019,

by Chaula Joshi

Respected Swaminiji, Shri Vijayji and all fellow students, my name is Chaula Joshi and I have been a student of Vedanta from a Arsh Vidya gurukulam parmpara, learning Vedanta for a number of years, participating in the regular classes with Shri Vijay Kapoorji.

Swamini Svatmavidyanandaji is a disciple of Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji, who was an internationally renowned master and traditional teacher of Vedanta. I am extremely blessed to be sitting in front of You Swaminiji and listen to these 2 days very short but precise message of Vedanta Dindimah. On behalf of Arsh Vidya Centre and from all of us we owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done to teach us your wisdom of self knowledge. Your simplicity of examples, explaining why we should learn Vedanta, and the importance of attaining the goal of Moksha has been marvelous. Your explanation of what is Vedanta ? and what is students nishtha ? To become adhikari we have to cultivate Shraddha in to Śaštra and guru . Get clarity and understanding cognize from Shravanam. Your explanation on background given to us on above topic and The background of author Shankara from Shringeri math wrote these powerful 94 verses and importance of Vedanta Dindimah is very useful.

A student, who has to qualify himself by asking who am I? I am unhappy, I am bhogi , these wrong notions has to be dropped. Cultivate in to total Shraddha towards this teachings.  Thank you for bringing this morning meditation examples of relationship and how to see Ishwara in everything was discussed and at first it was not clear but by today I understood, if you reduce the expectation of others , automatically, it is easier to see Ishwara in everything.  by not expecting out of another person. It allows me to create this space and see oneness with Ishwara. By Mananam, I increase my awareness.

Your sense of humor and making students engaged in the questions make the delivery of the knowledge and message were very interesting. Your explanation of self ignorance in existence and non existence is very clear. Objects, situations in Jagat is Niether existence or non existence , it is in-between and therefore it is Mithya is clearly understood. I seek my blessings from you Swaminiji and all of my Gurus to continue with my spiritual growth and keep nishkam bhavna and give my seva.

Hari OM!