Respected Swamiji, shri Vijayji and all fellow students,

Namaste, my name is Chaula Joshi and I have been a student of Vedanta for a number of years, participating in the regular classes with Shri Vijay Kapoor.

I am extremely blessed to be sitting in front of You Swamiji and to listen to the week long courses. On behalf of Arsh Vidya Centre and from all of us we owe you a debt of gratitude for all that you have done to teach us your wisdom of self knowledge. Your simplicity of examples, explaining why we should learn Vedanta, and the importance of attaining the goal of Moksha has been marvelous.

It was just a few months ago I had a talk with you and by Iswara krua and Gurukrupa your visit came to reality. No words can explain our emotions and we cannot thank you enough for your visit to California. With your simple and profound statements your teachings are very clear and now with your blessings we should adopt this knowledge.

Your Mundka upanishad lectures describe the importance of the agnihotra ŸAGNAS. In modern society this may not seem possible, but one must do Sandhyavandana. You have stressed the importance of doing Seva Karma, which is for eg. Guru seva, Volunteering for the cause in organizations being akarta are essential for antahkaran shuddhi so that we become adhikari for knowledge to take place. 

The teachings of higher values: Love yourself and respect yourself, will fall all the values of values into place. Your examples of how to remove the Panch kosha to see the self was straightforward and clear. Thank you Swamiji for teaching us your vision.

On behalf of all the students here, I humbly request your presence next year and looking forward to your teachings.

Chaula Joshi