My Pranam to my Guru and all the Maha Acharyas to the Arsh Vidya Gurukulam. I take this day to great appreciation to all my Gurus.
Vijayji, your dedication and determination of teaching us to analyze self , makes a huge difference in our lives.
Unless, some of Gruhastha duty or sickness, I look forward to Tuesday and Saturday classes. What makes difficult for all of us is being , Gruhasta and in a Vyavaharik transection, is difficult to see the falseness of worldly things. How ever one can make tremendous progress by regular studies and assimilate in to daily life. I have strong shraddha towards śāstra and Rudram (prayer) to guide me through ups and downs of falsely world situation.
The strong bonding ( Moha) towards children transformed in to unconditional love. Acceptance of the situation. Todays busy life makes their young blood to think differently and it is o.k.
Most important thing in my life is to be a best company to myself. Learn to attach with detachment.
Our Monday class discussions help us with this kind of situations and learn to deal with, because all of us class students are in the same boat and objectively we can guide being outsider.

May Lord , Guru and Atma Krüpa be with me.
May Lord keep you in a best of health, continue to enlighten us and continue guide us to study and analyze to go closer to our Atma. May I , not fear death and handle the situation differently and continue to make progress in my life.
Seeking blessings from you.

Hari OM, Chaula