HariH OM ,

It is with a heart filled with love and gratitude that I speak these words on behalf of all of us. Thank you for your visits to California which I pray with be regular every year. Our sincere salutations to Sri Vijay Kapoorji, our Bay Area resident guru who tireless teaches us week after week.

As students of Vedanta, we begin our study with shravanam, mananam and nididhyasam and through a life of karma yoga ,bhakti and prayerful life, we develop viveka and vairagya and a burning desire for moksha. You have taught us that our swarupaH is sat chit ananda, that all the limitations that we place on ourselves are superimpositions on our Truth alone., that the ahankara or the small “i” is ultimately false.  Consciousness alone is the truth of me as chit, which is sat , and which is anantam , my very swarupah, knowing which I gain moksha in the here and now and from which there is no returning to the cycle of life and death as it dissolves the sukshma sarira or antahkarana which travels with us from lifetime to lifetime.

In meditation you guided us to suspend our identification with the body mind sense complex and remain in the awarenesss of the Self as we appreciated Ishawara’s vibhuti as the order of the universe.  In meditation, we saw our true nature as purna, asanga, nirgunaH atma.

In the Drk Dhrushya VivekaH. we focus on the real “I”, and the process of tvam pada shodhanam , through which we cleanup the false notions of ourselves., to remove the false cognitive plurality of ourselves. These false notions arise from our identification with our psycho- physio complex which cause us to feel limited and incomplete contrary to our Truth wherein we are unlimited and Purna.

Swamiji, you are a masterful teacher. Your teaching is systematic with examples that are easily understood. Your wit adds lightness to the subject matter and your skill brings us back to the subject on hand. Thank you for making the time for your visit to us. We remain eternally grateful to you and pray that we may be blessed with your guru krupa as we continue our journey. May we be so blessed that we can continue to learn at your lotus feet year after year.

Harih OM.

Zarina Kaji