The Truth

By Zarina Kaji

The truth I find in all that I see
The oneness through all reality
The thread that strings the pearls of life
Like gold that pervades every ornament type

The truth of all is to be understood and known
As no different today than through the ages untold
When both time and space exist because of this
How can there be any yours mine or his?

When the Truth of all is the indivisible one
When there is nothing more and nothing less
That all of nature is fullness and perfect
The heart rests in peace with nothing to select

The Truth is the unmanifest manifest as many
This variegated jagat with galaxies so plenty
Each species and type every flower and spice
As the manifestation of the very cause, we rejoice.

The Truth of every wave as water as it comes to shore
Is like our lives as we surf from birth to death for sure
Knowing that this cycle is merely a figment of my imagination
I find the Truth in the depths of my Self in contemplation.

The Truth is in the song of silence I hear
In and through all ” I am”, the joy of the seer
I seek nothing, knowing there is nothing to seek
I am the joy of Being, filled with light and complete.