The glory that is Ishwara

By Zarina Kaji

The rise and fall of the ocean and waves
The Sun, the orb of life sustaining rays
Who can doubt the genius of our Creator
When the glory of his universe can be no clearer?

The revolving galaxies in space abound
With innumerable stars, impossible to count
Each held in orbit with the laws we find
In our quest for answers the sciences combine

The macrocosmic infinity as “isness” exists
The microcosm in each discovery where the mind we enlist
From gravity that pulls and holds
To the powerful magnets at each pole

The laws that keep each in its place
Are the same that make us sneeze and shake
The order that functions in every case
Does not discriminate any species or race

Blinded by our ignorance we do not see
How the universe functions so perfectly
We are caught up in the web of life
Filled with a million likes and dislikes

Let us make the time to question and learn
The reality of pranaa in every tree and fern
This life being a mere passage along the way
To gyanam, the ultimate Truth to know I pray

In ignorance this life we live is a role in strife
Each of us playing our part on this stage called life
We seek to pleasure the senses with so called delight
Not knowing our reality is unlimitedness, fullness and light

Listen, question and contemplate upon the Truth
At the feet of a benevolent guru, seek his blessings for good
Open your heart for the light of knowledge to shine
Reflecting the Atman as Ishwara’s glory divine.