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Taittiriya Upanisad: Saturdays from 8 to 9:30 AM

This advanced text tackles the more persistent of one’s problems, that of identification with the body-mind complex. An analysis leads to ways of solving these problems. This text is appropriate for relatively advanced students. All 3 chapters will be chanted at the beginning of each class. Svaras (Vedic intonations) will be taught.

Chapter 1: Shiksha Valli: Advice for a student. The importance of having the correct attitude for learning. We will go over the verse meanings, and sometime go into Sankara Bhasya

Chapter 2: Brahmananda Valli: This is the principal section of the Upanisad. It specializes in Panca Kosa Viveka (as Mandukya Upanisad does on the three states of experience – waking, dream and sleep). It goes over how to recognize the mistakes one makes, and work on removing the wrong identification with the body-mind complex. It is also the calculous of joy – how that increases with study and analysis. We will take the help of Sankara Bhasya, and also of an excellent commentary by Sri Vidyaranya (author of Pancadasi).

Chapter 3 (Bhrigu Valli): This presents the teachings of the previous valli in another context. We will not go in to as much detail as in the Brahmananda Valli