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Kathopanisad (An In-depth Study): Tuesdays from 7:30 to 9 PM

The Text

The word Upanishad consists of 3 parts: Upa, meaning innermost, i.e you; Ni, meaning definite, clear; Sad/Sat, meaning knowledge that removes a false sense of limitation from oneself, revealing a beautiful and happy nature that you are. Upanishads are part of theVedas, and form the basis of all Vedic/Hindu thought. Kathopanishad is one of 10 major ones that should be studied by all serious students – from a competent, experienced teacher, and not independently.

Nature of the class

This class is ideally suited to experienced students – ones who have studied Upanishads before, including Kathohopanisad. This text was last taught in 2005-2006. Although new students will be accepted, the focus will be on mananam (the ‘how’ of gaining self-knowledge). In this teaching, texts by Swami Parmarthananda (a renowned student of Swami Dayananda), a text called Anubhuti Prakasha by Swami Vidyaranya (famous author of Pancadashi), and commentaries by Swami Maheshananda (founder of Dakshinamurti Matha) will be mainly relied on. Working knowledge of Sanskrit is not required, but will help.