Mandukya Karika Chapter 4 audio and video talks


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Mandukya Upanisad with Karika.

Mandukya is generally the last Upanisad to be studied, before the final step, Brahma Sutras, by serious students. It explains the meaning of the sacred word OM, a complete exposition of our life. Its brevity and subtlety require skilled explanation. Who better than Sri Gaudapada, Adi Sankara’s guru’s guru, who has written a famous, technical composition on Madukya in the form of Karika. This is further elucidated by Swami Maheshananda’s discourses. That will be the basis of the class. More on Mandukya Upanisad Class

You may be seeking the right guru. Sri Vijay Kapoor is similarly seeking students with the right disposition. Both are difficult to find, so we need Isvara’s blessings to get us together. Sri Kapoor was introduced to Vedanta by Swami Chinmayananda in 1973. From 1979 to 1982, he attended the residential Vedanta course conducted by Swami Dayananda, having taken a leave of absence from HP. Since 2006, Sri Kapoor has been deeply influenced by the works of Swami Maheshanada Giri, founder of the Sankara Math in Mt Abu. After retiring from HP in 1999, he founded the Arsha Vidya Center in the Bay Area, and has taught Vedanta to over 300 dedicated students. Currently about 125 students regularly attend his 3 weekly classes.