Ananda Mimamsa with Bhasya, (Taittriya Upanishad), Morning and Evening Discourses

We are very happy to announce that Swami Paramatmananda will be in the Bay Area from April 19h – 26th for discourses on Vedanta. We are fortunate to have Swamiji for 7 morning classes and 7 evening discourses. All sessions will be on the same topic.

Ananda Mimamsa is an enquiry into bliss, described in the Taittriya Upanishad.  It is also the essence of the Aitareya and Taittriya Upanishads, which are part of the Vedas. Ananda Mimamsa explores the nature of happiness and love, and how they are related to one’s true self. Ananda is a Sanskrit word that means bliss or joy.  Are you interested in learning more about Ananda Mimamsa or Ananda in general?
Where: 175 Nortech Pkwy, San Jose, CA 95134, 1st floor Hall.
When:  April 19th – April 25th


Program Schedule:
April 20th-April 25th, 8.30am till 10.30am:  Meditation and Lecture
April 19th-April 25th, 7.30pm till 9.00pm:  Lecture and Satsang
April 22nd (Saturday),  11.00am to 12.30 Satsang, 12.30 to 2.00pm Lunch (Free Registration required)
Registration:  Please register Here for the lunch on April 22nd. (Helps us in organizing supplies)

Many of you may have listened to Swamiji in the previous years. He had struck an excellent chord with the audience here, and we requested him to visit us every year. Fortunately, he made time for an extended visit this year. Swamiji has become an important figure in spiritual India. Being a direct disciple of Pujya Swami Dayanandaji, he has organized an ashram in Rajkot for teaching both householders and brahmacharis. His excellent grasp of the subject matter, and speaking style, learned from his great master, made him a favorite with Swami Dayananda. So much so, that when the historic Dharma Acharya Sabha was established, he was asked to be the secretary. So effective was he that upon Pujya Swamiji’s mahasamadhi, Swami Paramatmananda was appointed by all the mathadipatis – that included the Shankaracharyas – to become the head of the Hindu Dharma Acharya Sabha. This is a great honor!  I hope you have a chance to learn from this spiritual master.