Announcing 3 Day Vedanta Retreat  and Public talks by Swamini Svatmavidyananda

See Swamini’s page  for Video recordings and Audio Prasadam talks.


Swamini has been known as a scholar and compasionate person teaching in the USA for several years and we are happy to invite her to do a series of intensive morning talks, and evening public talks during the January 18-21st 2019 weekend.

Swami Svatmavidyananda teaches and travels internationally, sharing her knowledge of Vedanta and Sanskrit at many institutions of repute such Sivananda Ashrams in California and Bahamas, and Yogaville, VA, and Zen meditation centers. Additionally, Swaminiji also teaches annually  at the Arsha Vidya Gurukulam, in Saylorsburg, PA. She is the Acharya of the Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam, founded by Pujya Swamiji in 2004, which has teaching centers in Atlanta, GA,  Eugene, OR, Washington DC, Detroit, MI, Milwaukee, WI, and Fort Meyers, FL. See this Swamini’s page for more information.

Evening Vedanta Dindimah Talks 

Vedānta-Ḍiṇḍima is a profound and beautiful text that unfolds the truth of the self. Composed in the 15th C by Swami Naṛsimha Saraswati, a Shankaracharya in the Sringeri lineage, Vedānta-Ḍiṇḍima excels as a prakaraṇa-grantha –a text that systematically expounds the message of the Upaniṣads along with its pedagogy. The word “ḍiṇḍima” means “drumbeat.” In 94 verses, the text proclaims the essential teachings of Vedānta in a sonorous and easily assimilable manner.

Where: At the Sanatana Dharma Kendra 3102 Landess Ave, San Jose, CA 95132
When: Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jan 18th – 20th  7.00pm to 8.30pm
Registration: Though optional for these evening sessions, registration helps us in our preparations. The session will be recorded for viewing later on YouTube and Livestream channels. Register Here 

Please print the first 3 pages of this PDF as the collateral text for the Talk

Vedanta Dindimaḥ Text


Adhyāsa in Vedānta, 3-Day Morning Retreat
The apparent contradiction between the truth of oneself as limitless and non-dually whole and one’s everyday reality mired in saṃsāra is due to what Adi Shankara famously termed as “adhyāsa” or subjective projection in his renowned introduction to the Brahmasutra. In this 3 retreat, Swami Svatmavidyananda will expound the gist of Adi Shankara’s introductory bhāṣya with a view to gaining a clearer understanding of the difference between Īśvara-sṛṣṭi and jīva-sṛṣṭi. The former is the manifest empirical reality in the form of the jagat, non-separate from Īśvara, while the latter is a subjective projection of one’s own rāga-dveṣa that instantaneously converts the jagat into a source of fear and sorrow. Knowing Īśvara-sṛṣṭi as Īśvara, the truth of oneself, one is never bound; not knowing jīva-sṛṣṭi as a personal projection, one can never be free.

Where: At the 691 S. Milpitas Blvd, Milpitas. AVC Class room
When:  Saturday and Sunday, Monday  Jan 19-21st 2019
Registration: Please note that this classroom facility can only hold 30 or so seats, so it is initially reserved for current students, and is currently full.  The session will also be live streamed on YouTube and Livestream channels so additional people can view from home.  To be put on waitlist please send request to
Program Schedule:
9.00 to 9.30 – meditation
9.30 to 10.30 – class 1
10.30 – 11.00 break  (Tea , coffee provided)
11 to 12.00 – class 2
12.00 to 1.00 lunch  (Bring your own lunch)
1.00 to 2.00 – satsang Q&A

Please print the following PDF as the collateral for the Talks

Adhyasa Bhashya Text

For convenience, the optional online Gurudakshina donation for Swamini’s visit is provided here.

Swamini Svatmavidyanandaji is a disciple of Pujya Sri Swami Dayananda Saraswatiji, the foremost teacher of Vedanta in modern times. Swaminiji is a
teacher of Vedanta and the acharya of Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam. Founded in 2004, Arsha Vijnana Gurukulam is active in Atlanta, GA, Washington DC, and
Eugene, OR. Swaminiji travels extensively in the USA and the world teaching Vedanta. She is also active in interfaith activities and has represented Hinduism
and Vedanta at several global platforms. See for more details and for archived classes.
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Best wishes on this auspicious occasion – Happy Deepavali


May we take this occasion of celebrating Deepavali to remind ourselves that our innate nature is peacefulness, contentment and freedom. May we resolve to remove any covering of doubt, confusion and impurity etc. that prevents this natural light to manifest itself.

May we work toward both outer purity – cleanliness, a well structured life etc. – and internal purity – a truthful, simple, loving mind – as a way to let this natural light of Brahman to shine through us.

Harih Om, Vijay

Announcing Special Ayurveda Session on Nov 17th,  Next door to AVC class room.

Register now, limited spaces.